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Glenn Beck: WHERE'S the media outrage after BLACK NATIONALIST shoots cop in the head?

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Imagine what today's world would be like if he was a white nationalist

Daytona Beach (Florida) Police Officer Jason Raynor was shot in the head on Wednesday, allegedly by a man who was later apprehended at a black nationalist paramilitary encampment. Raynor miraculously survived the attack but remains in critical condition at Halifax Health Medical Center.

On the radio program Monday, Glenn Beck couldn't help wondering: Where's the media outrage for Officer Raynor? Where are the crowds chanting, "Say his name"? And how different would the media reports and reactions be right now if the attacker had been a white supremacist, apprehended at a white nationalist militia camp?

"Jason Raynor, he's fighting for his life after being shot in the head," Glenn began. "The suspected shooter is Othal Wallace. ... Wallace was apprehended at a black nationalist militia camp. Imagine what today's world would be like if that were a white nationalist militia camp."

Glenn pointed out that reports are focused on Wallace's crimes as an individual and not as a representative of an entire race — which is as it should be. But if the races were reversed, would a white criminal receive the same kind of coverage? Or would the crime become an example of the supposed rising threat of white supremacy in our nation?

Either way, Glenn said it's time we say Raynor's name — just like all the others who've been physically hurt amid our nation's growing racial divide.

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