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Glenn ranks Pride Month's WORST & WOKEST LGBTQ commercials

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Pride Month has officially begun, and companies are wasting no time signaling their virtue via LGBTQ-themed commercials and products.

Glenn Beck has had enough — and knows why they’re really doing it.

He says they’re not just reflecting their culture and values, but rather “they’re being held hostage by extremists and Wall Street,” who are looking for ESG scores.

“I don’t care who you love, I don’t care who you sleep with. I’d prefer not to hear the details from anyone,” he adds.

Glenn plays a new ad from Converse, which features members of the LGBTQ community and a trans person saying he’s “proud to be loud and proud.”

While transgender people make up an extremely small percentage of our country, Glenn says you’d think “we are 90% transgender in this country.”

“It’s a little bit of overkill,” he adds.

The North Face has joined Converse in featuring a trans-identifying person in its latest campaign for Pride Month, and Glenn sees it as an insult to gay people.

“I feel like if I was gay, I would feel like that spot is making fun of me,” he continues. “Is that not offensive to homosexuals? Because I mean that seems like a parody.”

But they’re not the only ones.

Joining other over the top pro-LGBTQ+ brands like Bud Light and Target are Microsoft and Ford.

Microsoft’s ad featured creators from the LGBTQ community.

“If Microsoft was also telling your story, my story, people who love the country, people who love God — I have no problem. This is what you want to do, that’s fine, no problem. But why at the expense of everything else?” Glenn asks.Glenn ranks Pride Month's WORST & WOKEST LGBTQ commercials

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