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This government ‘psychological weapon’ is a form of mind control
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This government ‘psychological weapon’ is a form of mind control

True to its nature, the Biden administration has been emphasizing the need to combat “misinformation” in the media.

But the administration is not alone.

The United Nations is also cracking down any narrative that draws its own into question.

UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, has adopted a concept in its “Disinformation Primer” called “prebunking.”

According to them, “prebunking” is “an offensive strategy that refers to anticipating what disinformation is likely to be repeated by politicians, pundits, and provocateurs during key events and having already prepared a response based on past fact checks.”

“Prebunking is drawn from Inoculation Theory, which seeks to explain how an attitude or a belief can be protected against persuasion and people can build up an immunity to mis/disinformation,” the primer explains.

Glenn Beck is horrified.

“We are dealing with people manipulating every aspect of your mind. This is beyond 4D chess. This is a psychological weapon being developed and promoted by our own government,” Glenn says.

“They decide what is true, and then they will inoculate you and manipulate you so if you hear something else that disagrees with that, you’ll dismiss it,” he adds.

Those behind the manipulation hope to keep people from adopting “extremist views.”

“What are those views? I would imagine views like mine,” Glenn says. “Now, in a sane world you could see how a tool like this might be a good thing in helping to disrupt recruiting efforts by actual terrorists. But no, they’ve redefined what terrorists and what extremists are.”

“The real danger here is who gets to decide what needs redirecting or ‘prebunking,’ and after they really master this, will you even know you’ve been manipulated?”

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