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Glenn Beck gives a warning for what is coming next

The Glenn Beck Program

Are you prepared for what is coming next? The time to pray and prepare could be upon us.

Until recently, Glenn could not predict what was on the horizon, but he knew something was coming. He knew he had to speak out and warn others.

According to Glenn, a battle has slowly descended on America, but not the fighting typical of the mind's eye — the impending struggle might not be with man.

"For those who have listened to me for many years," Glenn began, "these are the things that I told you would come."

Glenn expressed, until recently, he felt uncertain of the form this pending battle would take on. He felt a responsibility to warn others that something terrible could be approaching — a spiritual battle.

"We are not fighting men. Arms are not the weapons you use in a spiritual battle. And while this will be a battle — not by our choosing, I believe — this is a spiritual battle," Glenn suggested.

Glenn asserted how the purpose of his warning was not to cause fear or anger but to generate a sense of urgency; to prepare for what the nations may face next.

Watch the clip to hear Glenn's advice on how to prepare yourself and your family.

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