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Dallas salon owner who DEFIED shutdown orders may now face arrest — and she's NOT backing down

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'We have to stand up. Now is the time to stand up.'

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Dallas salon owner Shelley Luther made national news after defying the city's lockdown orders to keep her hair salon closed.

Luther opened the doors of her Dallas business, Salon A La Mode, last week and was immediately hit with a cease-and-desist letter by Dallas police, which she publicly ripped up. In the following days, she has continued to defy multiple temporary restraining orders and a $1,000 citation.

On Wednesday, Luther told a crowd of Open Texas movement supporters that she expects to be arrested soon.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) referred to Luther as the #PatriotHairStylist in a supportive, three-part tweet on Wednesday. "This is not Texas. This is not America," he added.

Luther joined Glenn Beck on the radio program this week to discuss why she is willing to open back up, what she's doing to keep safe, and her message for other small businesses: "We have to stand up. Now is the time to stand up. Because if we don't take back our civil liberties right now, I don't know when we ever can!"

Watch the video below:

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