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'These kids are MLK': Glenn speaks up for students, shows very different side of altercation with Native Americans

'These kids are MLK': Glenn speaks up for students, shows very different side of altercation with Native Americans

'You have to watch the entire video of what happened with these kids from Covington'

On Monday's radio program, Glenn Beck called out the liberal media for their grossly inaccurate reporting of the encounter behind the now-viral video of a group of MAGA-hat wearing school boys allegedly mocking a Native American elder at Friday's March for Life in Washington, D.C.

After the New York Times published an article titled " Boys in 'Make America Great Again' Hats Mob Native American Elder at Indigenous People's March," dozens of other media outlets rushed to blast out a similar narrative — without ever bothering to check out the facts behind the story.

Had they done a bit of research before running with what seemed to be the perfect story to promote their liberal agenda, they might have discovered that the rest of the nearly two-hour-long video, which shows what happened leading up to and after the encounter between the students of Covington Catholic High School and Nathan Phillips, a Vietnam War veteran — dramatically changes the context of the mainstream media narrative.

"You have to watch the entire video of what happened with these kids from Covington," Glenn emphasized. "It is an outrageous lie. And, yes, I know, media, it's Martin Luther King Day and so you're going to take my words and twist them, but I stand by my words. These kids, from every indication that I have seen, behaved exactly like Martin Luther King would want kids to behave. They were kind in the face of people who were trying to get them to strike back."

Here is the full two-hour video:

The video shows a group of men who identify as Black Hebrew Israelites angrily shouting and protesting near the Lincoln Memorial, where the students have gathered to catch buses back to Kentucky. When one of the Hebrew Israelite members spots the boys wearing red Make America Great Again hats, he can be heard saying, "Then you got those pompous bastards over there wearing Make America Great Again hats. Why you not angry at them?"

The men now focus their attention on the students, calling them "crackers," "incest children," "future school shooters," and much worse. The harassment goes on for over an hour. The boys respond by chanting their school pride song to counter the hate-speech being shouted at them. At this point, Nathan Phillips enters the picture, encircled by several people with drums and cameras. Phillips appears to be drumming along with the students' school chant. One voice can be heard saying, "He came to the rescue."

Members of the Hebrew Israelites, who earlier in the film were heard disparaging the Native American marchers, immediately and repeatedly announce that the students are mocking Phillips' for his drumming.

Glenn also called attention to a section of the video in which one or more of the Hebrew Israelite members can be heard shouting hateful rhetoric about "sodomy" and "homosexuals," to which a student responds with "Who cares. That's homophobic."

"They [the students] are defending the right to be homosexual," said Glenn. "They [the Hebrew Israelites] go on to call homosexuals awful, awful names and the kids 'boo' them and say, 'They're people, they're people.' Tell me that these kids are hateful — hateful of whom?"

"They are being hated on because they are white. That is the definition of being a racist. And they are being targeted because they are wearing MAGA hats," added Glenn. "These kids are Martin Luther King."

Here is a second video in which the students can be heard chanting "Cov Cath is the best." The student accused of smirking at Phillips stands peacefully, while a drum is pounded inches from his face. He then tries to help diffuse another altercation involving a fellow student and a Native American protester who is shouting, "Go back to Europe where you came from. This is not your land!"

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