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Will taking Trump's MUG SHOT BACKFIRE for Democrats?

Will taking Trump's MUG SHOT BACKFIRE for Democrats?

Donald Trump is scheduled to turn himself in to the Fulton County Jail as at least 11 of the 19 defendants already have — and Glenn Beck is concerned.

“There’s no way any of this would be happening if Donald Trump decided not to run. But he’s decided to run, and so they are going to put him in jail come hell or high water,” Glenn tells guest Jack Posobiec.

“Every American should be saying, ‘Wait a minute, no, what is happening here?’ and ‘We want real answers and you’ve been stonewalling on all of these things,’” he adds.

While both Posobiec and Glenn are disturbed, Posobiec believes Trump’s arrest is going to throw a wrench in Democrats' plans.

“The fact of the matter remains that there are tens of millions of Americans that support Trump and there’s also tens of millions of Americans that support a fair process, that do not want to see a process where you’ve got prosecutors bringing these ridiculous indictments, novel legal theories, going after opponents,” he tells Glenn.

“No, this is not what we do in the United States. We handle this at the ballot box,” he adds.

However, Democrats have changed the way we handle elections.

“Democrats understand they can’t win on strategy, they can’t win on their political messaging — they fail every time. How did they win? They won on tactics. They changed fundamentally the way that elections are held in this country,” Posobiec explains.

Glenn notes that he’s concerned what Trump’s mug shot circulating on the internet might mean for Americans.

Posobiec sees it as a positive.

“I think this is going to be the mug shot that’s heard around the world,” he tells Glenn, adding, “I think this is going to be the number-one best-selling mug shot in American history.”

“In all seriousness,” he continues, “we know Americans. We love an underdog story. Americans are the story of rebels, the story of people who left behind the old world and were willing to break rules to make something new.”

Posobiec believes Trump’s mug shot is “absolutely going to backfire” and will “be seen not only just by Trump supporters but by independents.”

“This is an absolutely historic day. A president of the United States, fingerprinted, mug-shotted, for the entire world to see. I think the backlash will be swift and it will be deafening.”

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