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BREAKING: Could losing Tucker Carlson DESTROY Fox News?

The Glenn Beck Program

It has just been announced that Tucker Carlson and Fox News are parting ways, and fans everywhere are in shock. The hashtag #RIPFoxNews is already trending on Twitter in response.

While there are already theories floating around, according to Glenn Beck, “We’re in wild speculation territory” when it comes to the news of Tucker’s departure.

Beck says it “could be that he was fired” because of the Dominion Voting Sytems lawsuit, but either way, it’s “a suicidal move for Fox,” he says.

“If it’s their move,” Stu adds.

Stu reads the company's statement regarding Tucker’s departure from Fox News: “Fox News media and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways.”

Glenn says, “That’s exactly what they said, I think, when I left.”

“And that has always been framed as you got fired, which I know for a fact that’s not true considering I saw their offer for your extension,” Stu adds.

Despite the jarring news, Glenn sees this as an opportunity.

“Would you sign up for TheBlaze right now?” Glenn asks so TheBlaze will have a “bucket full of money” to throw Tucker’s way.

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“More than ever, where are you going to get the truth? Tucker was the only guy out there that I felt was in the mainstream media that was telling America the truth. Who’s doing that? There’s nobody in the mainstream media. Nobody,” Glenn says.

Glenn and Stu note that this is all happening at Tucker’s peak, which makes it more unbelievable. Even just last week, Tucker had a groundbreaking interview with Elon Musk.

“You get a sit-down with Elon Musk at this time with everything that’s going on between the Starship and Twitter — and you’re gone the next week? Never seen anything like it,” Glenn adds.

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