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Why former New York mobster says Bidens are '100%' a crime family

Why former New York mobster says Bidens are '100%' a crime family

Michael Franzese isn’t your average Glenn Beck guest.

The 72-year-old was once a capo for New York’s Colombo crime family who Glenn describes as being a “bad guy” in the past.

While Franzese knows crime better than most, he left that lifestyle when he met a young Christian woman who is now his wife of 38 years.

“I had to make a decision whether to stay in or walk away, and obviously, I chose her,” Franzese tells Glenn.

While Franzese broke away from a life of crime when he met the woman he loves, he left with a lot of knowledge regarding crime and who is involved in it.

Specifically, what families might be involved.

“When you look at the family of the Bidens, is that not a crime family?” Glenn asks the ex-mobster.

“I gotta’ tell you Glenn,” Franzese starts, “it’s so hard for me to sit back and watch what’s going on and wonder why this all hasn’t been exposed.”

“It’s always follow the money. The money trail always leads to something,” he adds.

Franzese then details his own crimes, telling Glenn he pled guilty for racketeering.

“But the underlying act was I was defrauding the government out of taxing every gallon of gasoline. We devised a scheme, I ran it for eight years, where we were selling gasoline and just keeping the tax money,” he explains.

“All we did was create a corporation so that we can open up a bank account. And the money that flowed in there was all illegal money, was all tax money that we were taking from the government. There was no other purpose for the company. And that’s exactly the same thing that the Bidens are doing,” he says definitively.

While Franzese admits that he was doing what he believes the Biden’s are doing now, there’s one massive difference between the two:

“To have a president in office that’s doing these kind of things,” he says, “basically, it’s treasonous in my view.”

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