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America is at 'PEAK wokeness'; pendulum is ALREADY swinging back

America is at 'PEAK wokeness'; pendulum is ALREADY swinging back

Woke progressivism has taken over far too much of America, from our schools to our medical establishment, as well as our government.

Common sense would solve this, but unfortunately, common sense is not all that common. However, Glenn Beck has yet to give up hope.

“Are you concerned that the balance is not something we’re finding right now?” Stu Burguiere asks Glenn.

“No, because I think it’s coming,” Glenn says. “Until the medical community says, ‘You know what, enough is enough. This COVID thing, it was good here, here, and here. It was really bad here, here and here, and we got to stop just saying that 'oh, now science knows.’”

“That’s happened throughout all of mankind, and then science learns and they’re like, ‘Oh, well, now we know,’” he says adding, “it’s already happening.”

“It’s just that there’s so much money involved at the establishment level and they’re just holding on by their fingernails and they’ll pull all of us down to stop from drowning themselves,” he continues.

While the establishment is holding on for dear life, more and more people are waking up to just how ridiculous America has gotten.

“We are at the wire. We are coming around the fourth turn,” Glenn says, adding, “I think we are at peak wokeness.”

“We hit the peak, and then it starts going the opposite way.”

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