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Teen Vogue article explains a new way to 'fight systemic racism during sleep'

The News & Why It Matters

'Black Power Naps'

On Thursday's episode of The News & Why it Matters, Sara Gonzales, Grant Stinchfield, and Jaco Booyens discussed a Teen Vogue article arguing that Black employees should be given time off for "power naps" as reparations for the sleep deprivation of slaves.

In this clip, the panel discussed " Black Power Naps," created by Fannie Sosa and Navild Acosta, tackles "systemic racism during sleep." Sosa and Acosta claimed the idea, "Came from understanding that the American dream is a sleepless one."

"We inherited this exhaustion," Sosa said.

"We're dealing with an inheritance of sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation was a…deliberate tactic of slave owners to basically make the mind feeble," he said. "That same tactic has only evolved."

Read the full story here.

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