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Britney Spears posts VERY STRANGE video, leaving many wondering if it was wise to free her

Britney Spears posts VERY STRANGE video, leaving many wondering if it was wise to free her

Pop icon Britney Spears is just as famous for her music as she is for her ever-prominent presence in the tabloids.

Back in 2020, Spears was finally freed from the controlling conservatorship her father wielded over her, but since her liberation, she’s been doing some rather bizarre things.

And when we say bizarre, we mean even more bizarre than her typical doings.

Sara Gonzales plays a recent clip of Spears, who’s wearing very little clothing (nothing new there), while dancing with large kitchen knives.

The video sparked serious criticism and raised questions regarding the decision to end her conservatorship.

Apparently, “Shakira danced with knives during a concert,” which is where Spears allegedly drew inspiration.

“Her excuse was like, 'I was just trying to do what Shakira did, I was just kind of emulating her, they're not real knives, Halloween is soon, [so] don't worry about it,'" reports Sara.

“But everyone is now up in arms like, ‘Oh my God, we did the wrong thing by trying to convince a judge to release her conservatorship,”’ she mocks.

“I still disagree. … You have the right to be a crazy person in this country.”

“If she wasn't famous, nobody would give her a conservatorship based off of what I've seen,” Sara continues.

Blaze Media editor in chief Matt Peterson admits that he might be “old man-ing this,” but he can’t understand why anyone would care about “Britney Spears doing a knife dance at her mansion” considering all of the other madness on the internet.

“Have you seen the internet? Have you been on the internet? There's a lot of other things wrong with it, too,” he says.

However, “I think that Taylor Swift should get a conservatorship to stay the heck away from the NFL and its football players,” he jokes.

TMZ, on the other hand, finds Britney’s “fascination with knives” a cause for serious concern. A previous report by the tabloid revealed that Spears is apparently paranoid that someone will hurt her, which is why she “keeps [knives] all around the house.”

But that’s not convincing enough for Matt.

“Were some of the people in the riot videos, did any of them have knives?” he asks. “I think I see a lot of people who need conservatorships … roaming around the country.”


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