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You won't believe THIS SHOCKING TRUTH buried in the Jan. 6 video archives

You won't believe THIS SHOCKING TRUTH buried in the Jan. 6 video archives

House Republicans have announced that members of the media and other qualified individuals will now have access to view footage from January 6.

According to the strict criteria required to view the footage, you have to be a qualifying non-profit organization or a news outlet, among other things.

Sara Gonzales believes that “this obviously is backtracking on the promise that Speaker McCarthy made to the American people when he said we will make all of the footage public.”

Investigative journalist Steve Baker has combed through the 41,000 hours of video, which he says is “a daunting and impossible task” if he wanted to get through all of it.

Baker also says that as he has gone through the footage, he’s found that in footage from certain cameras, there were “three or four hours missing in the middle of the riot itself.”

Some of the cameras have no footage whatsoever, which Baker believes is strange, as the Capitol Police “told us that all of their cameras were functional that day.”

Sara Gonzales finds it all fascinating.

“We are still seeing the FBI and the DOJ put so much concentration on January 6, oftentimes non-violent people who didn’t – they didn’t break anything in the Capitol, they didn’t vandalize anything, they didn’t hit anyone,” Gonzales says.

Baker says that it’s frightening, because the people who are being convicted of some sort of conspiracy to overthrow the government simply used “the words of a founding father,” which he calls “revolutionary-style rhetoric.”

In one of the particular stories that Baker is working on in order to exonerate and find evidence for people who are innocent yet being accused, he believes he saw clear collusion.

“I was sitting in one of the trials back last fall, and in that trial I saw something that did not ring true. It was one of those moments between the judge and the lead prosecuting attorney that I, just by instinct, thought I saw collusion,” he says.

“Body language, the connection didn’t work. I saw the panic of the prosecutor, I saw the panic of the judge in suppressing evidence, and then I started the process of digging myself,” he adds.

In that digging, Baker believes he’s found “evidence tampering, evidence suppression,” and the “creating of evidence that did not exist out of whole cloth.”

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