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Could overturning affirmative action actually END systemic racism?

Could overturning affirmative action actually END systemic racism?

On June 29, the Supreme Court in a 6-3 decision ruled that affirmative action is unconstitutional. No longer will Harvard, the University of North Carolina, and likely other universities and colleges be permitted to factor race into their admissions.

Naturally, the decision has been polarizing, leaving many liberals enraged and many conservatives elated.

Dave Rubin falls in the latter camp, of course.

He, for one, is thrilled because “the affirmative action clause, in essence, allowed colleges and universities to discriminate based on race,” he says.

It’s ironic how something that was intended to ameliorate “systemic racism” actually created more of it.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas certainly shares the sentiment.

“Racialism simply cannot be undone by different or more racialism,” he writes in his 59-page opinion.

This Supreme Court ruling is actually “eliminating systemic racism,” Rubin reiterates. “The last place that systemic racism existed in America was college admissions.”

Rubin does, however, acknowledge that racism certainly exists in America and likely will always exist in some capacity. But he argues that racist ideologies exist within the individual and are not woven into the very fabric of society, as many liberals would contend.

“You’re going to find racists here and there. Individual racists are going to make individual choices, and that’s just part of the human condition,” Rubin explains.

“You’d have to kill an awful lot of people if you want to get rid of that,” he continues.

For Rubin, the idea that systemic racism has always plagued the country is, quite frankly, nonsense.

Asian-Americans specifically (another minority group) were discriminated against at universities like Harvard because these institutions “wanted more black students,” Rubin explains.

“The average person might go ‘oh hey they want to help black students and that’s very nice,’ but, of course, by helping somebody you have to punish somebody else,” he continues.

“And I’m not for punishing anyone based on race,” he concludes.

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about the breaking ruling of the Supreme Court against Harvard University, bringing an end to affirmative action in th...

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