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Jordan Peterson WARNS that THIS Chinese policy is making its way to America

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China may have great food, stunning architecture, and some zen yoga practices, but it certainly has nothing positive to offer when it comes to governance. In the communist country, the Chinese authorities rule over the people with an unrelenting iron fist. Freedom is fictional, punishments are harsh for the commoner and nonexistent for the powerful, and people live in constant fear.

One of the ways the government accomplishes this kind of total domination is through social credit scores. Via extreme surveillance, the government gives each citizen a score that determines what that individual can and cannot do.

It’s wicked, and it's coming for Americans.

Jordan Peterson warns that if we don’t fight back against the governing powers that seek to turn our country into a China 2.0, we too will be forced to submit to a social credit system.

“If a traffic camera catches you jaywalking in China, the digital ID system has you, has your blood now, it has your genetic code, it has your photograph,” and can even “identify how you walk,” says Peterson.

“It will convict you of jaywalking and take money out of your bank account with no intermediating judiciary at all and show a picture of you to the people in the neighborhood so they know that you have jaywalked and reduce your social credit score,” he explains.

“And if your social credit score falls below a certain level, then you can’t … buy drinks from a vending machine, you can’t play video games, you can’t go on a train, you can’t get out of your 15-minute city,” he continues. “All of that is already in place in China.”

“This is going to happen here, I think, too; although maybe people will fight it,” Peterson says.

“China is a highly authoritarian state,” adds Dave Rubin, “and we clearly are heading in that direction, and unless you, me, and everybody else decides we are going to put people in office who are going to fight for our freedoms and the ideas that America was founded upon, we will end up there too.”

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