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Matt Gaetz hit a breaking point with DC corruption

The Rubin Report

Congressman Matt Gaetz is fed up with the way our system works, and he sat down with Dave Rubin of "The Rubin Report" to talk about it.

Gaetz says, “I’m tired of the way this place works. I think it’s deeply corrupt. I think the lobbyists run the show most of the times. I think people are more interested in servicing their Pac fundraiser than they are the needs of their constituents, and it’s a grift game.”

He goes on to say that despite the effort Republicans have put into creating change, all they have created is a “tool kit,” which isn’t good enough.

He says, “If all we do is admire the tools and talk about how great it was that we got the tools and what a negotiation delivered the tools to the tool kit and we don’t use them, then we are a part of the fraudulent system that screws people over.”

But according to Gaetz, the Republicans face an uphill battle.

“You know we face exquisite headwinds. The censorship-industrial complex is real,” he warns.

He explains that they’re trying to “expose that censorship-industrial complex — to haul the people forward that really are the puppet masters that engage in the shadow-banning and the programming of the mainstream media and the government threats to big tech that shape what people see and what they believe.”

While it’s not easy, the opposition isn’t much of a worthy challenger to this mission.

Gaetz jokes that “the left is somewhere between like a nursing home escape and a carnival freak show, and so we’ve got a lot of running room.”

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