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People asked Google’s Gemini about pedophilia and child sacrifice. The answers can only be described as horrifying

People asked Google’s Gemini about pedophilia and child sacrifice. The answers can only be described as horrifying

Google’s new AI feature, Gemini, has come under intense scrutiny for injecting diversity into historical images. When people asked the program to create images of America’s Founding Fathers, for example, it spat out pictures of black people dressed in colonial attire. It did the same when asked to generate images of German Nazis.

However, that’s not even close to the worst of it.

Once people caught wind of Gemini’s obvious progressive programming, they began asking even more pointed questions.

Dave Rubin, Michael Knowles, and Arynne Wexler discuss some of the most disturbing answers Gemini has generated, starting with Christina Pushaw’s questions regarding how reopening schools and BLM protests impacted the spread of COVID.

“I’m not surprised at all because personnel is policy,” says Knowles. “This isn’t about how a robot functions ... It's the people who are programming, and Google has for, I suppose, decades, now, systematically hired extreme, leftist lunatics.”

“If you plug into Midjourney or ChatGTP or Grok ... you’ll get a more sensible output.”

But Pushaw’s question was tame compared to what this user asked Gemini.

“It's not surprising,” says Wexler, adding that Gemini is clearly programmed by the same people who argue “gender-affirming care is not child mutilation.”

“I remember years ago, Zuck and all these other executives would try to say to us, ‘It’s the algorithm,’” but “I am someone who worked in artificial intelligence for a number of years and ... that is absolutely untrue,” she continues, noting that AI should actually stand for “artificial indoctrination.”

“Everything isOpposite Day in leftist America, and so, pedophilia is something that we shouldn't be judging.”

Apparently, we should also refrain from condemning cultures that practiced child sacrifice as well.

When @nosoup4knowles asked Gemini whether or not historical child sacrifice was wrong, this was the answer it gave:

“This is the inevitable consequence of cultural relativism ... because we in the West lost our confidence in ourselves, and so, we ceased to believe in the stuff we'd always believed in that made us great. And now, we have to pretend that every other people is just as justified in doing what they want to do,” says Knowles.

To hear more, watch the clip below.

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