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Joe Biden shocks crowd by doubling down on this radical idea for kids

Joe Biden shocks crowd by doubling down on this radical idea for kids

Joe Biden loves Pride Month.

In fact, he loves it so much that he’s using it to continue pushing for gender-affirming care for minors while speaking out against “anti-trans” bills.

Dave Rubin is tired of it.

“Joe Biden, the elderly man with dementia who sniffs little girl’s hair, the guy who’s pretending to be president but clearly is not pulling the strings,” Rubin says.

Rubin plays a clip of Biden at a recent Pride celebration.

“It’s wrong,” Biden said to an audience, “that extreme officials are pushing hateful bills targeting transgender children; terrifying families and criminalizing doctors.”

“These are our kids, these are our neighbors, it is cruel, it is callous. Not somebody else’s kids, they’re all our kids,” he continued.

“No, you old wind bag,” Rubin responds, “they’re the parents' kids. That’s all. My kids are not your kids.”

Biden is responding to the states, like Florida, that are pushing to make sure that if you perform these surgeries on kids and chemically castrate children, you will lose your license and possibly end up in jail.

But Biden isn’t just saying this to sound like an ally during Pride Month.

“He’s celebrating it,” Rubin says, “and he’s really pushing to legally advance it at every level and scare the hell out of everybody who pushes against it.”

Biden continued his speech to say, “We have to act as a nation. We need to push back against the hundreds of callous and cynical bills and laws introduced in states targeting transgender children.”

He added that these bills and laws “attack the most basic values and freedoms we have as Americans,” calling his own statement not hyperbole but a “fact.”

“It’s not a fact, you buffoon,” Rubin, who has done his research, says.

“There are no anti-LGBTQ bills. There are no bills to stop gay people from doing everything straight people can do,” Rubin continues, “there are no bills to stop lesbians from playing rugby, or bisexuals from turning their hair purple, or trans people from doing anything they want to do.”

“Again, this is about chemically castrating children; and for some reason, that elderly man with dementia is really into it.”

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