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'No smoking gun here': CNN host tries to downplay Twitter Files — but the look on her face says it all

The Rubin Report

'What some want you to think is that this was censorship by Big Tech ...'

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On “The Rubin Report” this week, BlazeTV host Dave Rubin shared a clip of CNN’s Christine Romans trying to convince her viewers that Elon Musk's “Twitter Files” don't actually reveal Big Tech censorship or election interference. In fact, the very idea that Big Tech would bury the "outrageous" Hunter Biden laptop story — which many in the corporate media dismissed as "disinformation" — just before a presidential election is hardly worth mentioning.

"What some want you to think is that this was censorship by Big Tech," Romans said during an appearance on "CNN Newsroom."

"What it sort of shows is a real struggle on an important platform for how to deal with something so outrageous, so explosive, and what to actually do with it," she added. "What 'Poynter' said, which is a media watchdog group, they said 'file this one, file the Twitter Files, under M for meh.' And the Washington Post said there is 'no smoking gun here.' We’ve known a lot of this, that Twitter really struggled with how to handle this explosive story that was published in the New York Post."

Dave said it's unfortunate that so many people who watch the corporate media will "buy the state line."

"If they hear something, that's how it is. Mainstream said it, so that's how it is," he noted. "Sure, six months later, two years later, '60 Minutes' will acknowledge that the Hunter Biden laptop is real after they told Donald Trump to his face that it's not real. But that's all right. That's why I keep saying the truth is a time-release pill these days. And that's what we're finding out."

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