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WATCH: Elon Musk addresses people’s biggest fear about Neuralink brain chip
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WATCH: Elon Musk addresses people’s biggest fear about Neuralink brain chip

When Elon Musk’s neurotechnology company Neuralink announced that it successfully implanted the first brain chip into a human being in January of this year, the world stood aghast.

Many were in awe of the feat — Dave Rubin being one of them — while others were terrified of the implications of a human brain chip.

One skeptical individual is British rapper and podcaster Zuby, who recently met with Musk to discuss Neuralink’s controversial brain chip.

Elon Musk Addresses People’s Biggest Fear of Neuralinkyoutu.be

“I'll be honest — of all the things you do and all the companies you run ... the one thing that does concern me, and I know concerns a lot of people out there ... is Neuralink,” the artist said. “Can you explain what Neuralink is and what the goal of it is?”

“We put a chip in your brain to control your mind,” Musk candidly admitted, and while that may be true, there’s a lot more to Neuralink than just mind control.

First, the chip has been in development for years. Musk promises that the company is “not trying to sidestep any regulatory approvals” and that it's “doing everything by the book” and even “going far beyond what the requirements are of the FDA from a safety standpoint.”

Put simply, the chip is designed to “[restore] functionality to people who've lost their connection between their brain and their body.”

Who will benefit from the Neuralink chip?

“Imagine if say Stephen Hawking could talk or communicate as fast as somebody with a fully functioning body,” Musk told Zuby, adding that Neuralink’s “first application is to restore functionality to quadriplegics.”

However, it also has the potential to correct physical blindness.

“The second application would be restoration of eyesight,” Musk said, “so if somebody has gone completely blind, maybe even has lost the optic nerve, you can actually still directly simulate the neurons in the visual part of the cortex, so you can give direct vision to the brain” and possibly even allow someone to “see in different wavelengths.”

When hearing Musk talk about helping people who have thus far been unhealable, Dave can’t help but laugh at the way the left has villainized him.

“Elon Musk — the guy that's helping quadriplegics walk and blind people see and sending us to Mars and saving free speech on Twitter and putting satellite internet up there ... he is the ultimate bad guy?” he asks in shock.

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