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Are recent tornadoes and floods 'historic,' or is it possible they are pretty regular occurrences, CNN?

Pat Gray Unleashed

When in doubt blame 'Climate Change'

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BlazeTV hosts Pat Gray and Jeff Fisher teamed up on Wednesday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed," and the pair raised an essential question about CNN's coverage of the latest tornado outbreak and "historical flooding" to hit the Midwest.

"What is fueling the tornado outbreak and historic flood?" CNN asked.

"Are they historic?" Pat asked. "I mean, we get floods every year, and we always have."

In this clip, Pat and Jeff agreed that Arkansas has seen unusual flooding this year, but added that, "That is what happens in the flood plains...they flood."

Click here to watch the full episode.

Pat and Jeff concurred that CNN's angle was to blame "global warming" for the severe weather outbreaks observed during the spring. Watch the video below for details.

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