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A second opinion almost always results in a second diagnosis

Pat and Stu

A study done by the Mayo Clinic has recently shown that amazingly, a second opinion results in a different diagnosis 88 percent of the time. On “Pat & Stu,” the guys discussed what conclusions can be drawn from such surprising results.

“This is how little we know,” Stu Burguiere added. “They’re guessing, and they’re trying to be a little more safe, but you never know.”

He pointed out that the findings run contrary to what we're told by the scientific community: “There’s so much they don’t know, and we’re told constantly that there’s consensus on every one of these issues and you can never disagree with anyone who has a scientific opinion.”

Pat Gray used his own extensive back problems he's suffered with as an example, noting that he's had multiple opinions all making different recommendations:

"I've been told different things by different guys, and I don't know which way it goes."

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