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American Sniper' writer, Jason Hall, on his powerful new movie, 'Thank You For Your Service


Screenwriter for Oscar-nominated movie “American Sniper”, Jason Hall, joins Dana Loesch to share the inspiration behind his new, directorial-debut film, “Thank You for Your Service,” which hits theaters nationwide on Friday, Oct. 27.

“This is an amazing film that follows a group of US soldiers who return from Iraq,” said Dana. “They are struggling to acclimate back into civilian life, struggling to fit back into their family roles, while living with the memory of a war long after they left the battlefield.”

Hall, who served as screenwriter as well as director of the film, explained, “I found the book by David Finkel who followed the soldiers of the 216 into Iraq, and then he followed some of them home into the “afterwar.” He added, “If we can come to a greater understanding, as a civilian population, of what these guys sacrifice then we’ll have a new language to welcome these guys home. Right now I don’t think there’s any idea of what they went through.”

Find out more at www.thankyouforyourservicemovie.com.

Free tickets are available for US Veterans and Active Military today, Oct. 27, with valid ID. For more information go to www.tyfysmilitaryoffer.com.

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