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Analysis: Trump should take a lesson from Coolidge when it comes to tax cuts and spending

Glenn Beck

Today on "Glenn" the Think Tank gang discussed the tax plan unveiled by the Trump administration. Sara Gonzales reported on the particulars, noting that so far, there don't appear to be any corresponding spending cuts.

Glenn Beck reminded the group that President Calvin Coolidge actually did cut spending, and that "even Reagan got this one wrong." Sometimes Republican presidents believe that economic growth can make up for increased spending, but as Glenn pointed out this method "got us to $20 trillion" in debt.

The panel also covered a recent NBC poll which reveals that 57%  of Americans think government should do more to help more people, with the biggest increase in this sentiment coming from Republicans.

"What does it mean to be a Republican?" Glenn wondered, and remarked that libertarians seem to be the new conservatives. The panel expressed disappointment with the results of the poll, with some saying they became Republicans for fiscal reasons and others because they had hoped conservatives could educate people.

Nick Pitts of the Denison Forum concluded, "Republicans are living into the belief that the government is going to solve the problem."

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