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As MASSIVE truck convoy against vax mandates approaches, Trudeau goes into self-isolation due to COVID exposure


Trudeau says he tested negative but will self-isolate for the next 5 days

Image source: (left) video screenshot/ (right) Leon Neal/Getty Images

A massive convoy of an estimated 35,000 to 50,000 truckers protesting against vaccine mandates is currently making its way across Canada, with cheering crowds lining the streets and filling up overpasses along the way. According to The Toronto Sun, the "Freedom Convoy," which kicked off in British Columbia and plans to arrive in the Canadian capital Ottowa by Saturday, may be the longest truck convoy ever recorded. So, why isn't this potentially record-breaking protest getting more coverage in the media?

That's what journalist and radio host Kim Iversen wanted to know on a recent episode of The Hill's "Rising."

"The various anti-mandate protests around the world have been getting little to no coverage, even though thousands upon thousands have been taking to the streets," Iverson began.

"What's interesting about this convoy [in Canada] is it's getting hardly any coverage at all inside of Canada, or really anywhere. It's a near media blackout, which oddly seems to be the same thing happening in Europe and even here in the United States, in regards to all of the other protests," Iverson said.

"There's been some interesting and even eyebrow-raising opposition to the convoy," she continued. "There's the obvious and blatant media blackout. Some could say the reason the media isn't covering it is because it's small and fringe, but social media users are showing crowds gathered on the streets in nearly every town the truckers roll through, and on many of the overpasses in the towns that the truckers pass. Also, the convoy has raised over 5 million dollars through GoFundMe, and I'd say this is not small or fringe ... definitely not as small or fringe as the government wants it to be."

Iverson went on to point out that "of course there's those looking to demonize and discredit the protest by claiming those who are participating are 'alt-right' or 'anti-vaxxers'. Gerald Butts, the former principal secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, called the group 'separatists.' So now people on social media are equating the group to terrorists, which seems to be where we're at these days. Anyone protesting anything at all, be it police brutality, masking kids, election outcomes, or vaccine mandates, is now a radical terrorist in some form."

Iverson called out Prime Minister Trudeau by sharing a tweet from Trudeau in March, 2020, that has not aged well.

On Thursady, Trudeau announced in a tweet that he will be "isolating for five days" after learning that he was exposed to someone who had tested positive for COVID-19. Though his rapid test came back negative, Ottawa Health rules apparently require that the prime minister will be in isolation throughout the weekend, when the trucker convoy is scheduled to arrive in Ottawa.

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