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Author: Politicians like to appeal to our extremes and 'play at both ends of the spectrum

Glenn Beck

“Friction” author Jeff Rosenblum joined Glenn Beck to discuss how principles backed by research in his latest book grow successful brands and form better relationships not only in the workplace but in society as a whole by empowering customers and companies.

After discussing passion brands, the idea of viewing Democrats and Republicans as a brand in need of restructuring arose.

Rosenblum and Beck drew a parallel between Democrats and Republicans and discussed how restructuring current divisive rhetoric spewing from politicians and the media alike is what the country desperately needs.

“Does it amaze you in any way that as a society [politically speaking] both sides of the aisle can get away with – I mean I hate to say murder because I hope not . . . but, almost murder?’ Beck said.

“We’re wired as human beings to find negativity,” Rosenblum said. “So, the politicians in the media like to play at both ends of the spectrum – really, really far left and really, really far right bashing each other; keeping things negative. I think there’s a massive opportunity.”

"Friction" examines how brands can fundamentally change their strategy to create what Rosenblum calls “evangelists” by “embracing transparency and engaging audiences.” His research is based on some of the most innovative companies from around the world who are empowering customers and dominating their competition.

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