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BIAS: Facebook blocks Republican congressional candidate Elizabeth Heng's political ad

Glenn Beck

Facebook's bias is showing again. This time the social media outlet blocked California Republican congressional candidate Elizabeth Heng's campaign ad, claiming it didn't adhere to its advertising policies and contained "shocking, disrespectful" content.

Heng tweeted that Facebook rejected her ad over scenes of the Cambodian genocide, which her parents survived.

On Tuesday, Facebook had a sudden change of heart and unblocked the ad. A Facebook spokesperson said, “It is clear the video contains historical imagery relevant to the candidate’s story.”

"What was different about Facebook’s viewing experience yesterday, versus Friday? Because the ad hasn’t changed," Glenn Beck said on his radio show Wednesday. "No word yet on whether the responsible algorithm has been fired. Facebook is apparently checking the algorithm’s Twitter feed before making any kind of decisions."

Watch the video above to get Glenn's take on this latest example of Facebook's bias.

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