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‘Birds Aren’t Real’ conspiracy theorist leaves '60 Minutes' reporter SPEECHLESS


'I understand this isn’t anything like the media'

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Peter McIndoe, the 24-year-old Memphis man who is behind the viral "Birds Aren’t Real” conspiracy theory, joined "60 Minutes" on Sunday and soon left correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi at a loss for words.

The "Birds Aren't Real" movement, which claims the government killed billions of birds and replaced them with surveillance drones to monitor citizens, is actually a parody intended to poke fun at other bizarre online conspiracies.

“It’s taking this concept of misinformation and almost building a little safe space to come together within it and laugh at it, rather than be scared by it,” McIndoe said on "60 Minutes."

A clip from the interview shows McIndoe "in character" telling Alfonsi how he feels about seagulls.

“I don’t trust them, I will tell you that,” McIndoe says. “Have you ever been to the beach and you got some food left over and a seagull comes over and tries to get it? That’s not because it’s hungry. The mainstream media wants to sell us this lie: ‘Oh, birds are hungry.’ When in fact, seagulls are taking your food to bring it back to the Pentagon for DNA harvesting and testing.”

Clearly struggling to keep a straight face, Alfonsi presses on by asking McIndoe how he feels about "60 Minutes."

“I am not going to go on news shows, but shows about clocks and time, I am okay with sharing my information with. And I understand this isn’t anything like the media,” he answers.

Watch the video clip below:

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