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Comey may have leaked sensitive info, according to FBI rules

Dana Loesch

It turns out former FBI director James Comey may have broken some FBI rules. President Donald Trump even tweeted so, accusing his former employee of leaking classified information and how “That is so illegal!”

Dana Loesch asked on today’s “Dana,” “On a scale of 1-11, how ‘so illegal’?”

The Hill reported that the FBI judged seven memos on nine conversations, recently shown to Congress, to be government documents. Comey had indicated to Senator Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) in the Senate hearing that his memos were not, in his estimation, government documents.

Agents are prohibited by their employment agreement from sharing information they acquire while working without review and permission. Comey testified before the Senate that he leaked a memo through a civilian friend.

The FBI has, so far, declined to officially comment.

Concurrently, Donald Trump Jr. is accused of meeting with a Russian lawyer to get opposition research, on former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The Trump family has denied this allegation.

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