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Congratulations, Maxine Waters': Angry liberal mob accosts Ted Cruz and his wife as they dine in DC

Glenn Beck

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and his wife Heidi Cruz were accosted by a mob of angry left-wing protesters as they tried to have dinner at a Washington, D.C., restaurant Monday evening.

The group entered the restaurant and surrounded Cruz's table, shouting, “We believe survivors!” in apparent protest of the impending confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who is facing accusations of sexual misconduct.

“Are you going to confirm your best friend Kavanaugh?” yelled one protester.

Another shouted, "Sexist, racist, anti-gay!"

"Beto's way hotter that you, dude," chimed in an off-camera voice.

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Filling in for Glenn on Tuesday's "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," Pat Gray and Jeffy Fisher reacted to this latest in an ongoing series of hostile mob aggression against Republican officials.

"Do you really? Do you believe survivors?" Pat asked. "Tell that to the survivor of Keith Ellison. What about her? Nobody on the Democrat side believes Keith Ellison's accuser ... I thought you believed survivors. No, you don't. You believe them if the accusation is leveled against a Republican."

"Are you proud of that, Democrats? Is that really what we want to have happen in the United States of America? I mean, congratulations Maxine Waters, because people are following through and they're getting ugly," he added, referring to Maxine Waters' infamous calls for mob violence against political opponents.

Watch the clip at the top of the page to catch more of the conversation.

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