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Doc and Kari try Buddy the Elf's syrupy-sweet Christmas spaghetti


Beloved Christmas movie "Elf" features an infamous scene in which the titular toy builder, who claims to subsist entirely on sweets, eats spaghetti covered in syrup — much to the chagrin of his human hosts. Doc Thompson and Kari Malinak, along with Kari's husband Keith, decide to give this bizarre concoction a try, even going so far as to add marshmallows, chocolate sauce and M&Ms to the mix.

Surprisingly, their reactions are less than revolted. "I don't think it's that bad, I've gotta tell you," Doc concludes.

Kari agrees: "It's actually not as gross as I thought it would be."

Doc then sneaks in a jab at a regional delicacy from the Midwest: "I'm going to be honest with you here. This is still better than Cincinnati chili. They put it over noodles, which is not the funky part. The funky part is the chili. It's funky. It's not good. Cincinnatians, you're trying to push this on the world. It's not good. Stop it. You've all been brainwashed."

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