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Glenn: The GOP is teaching our children to lie to get re-elected 'and you're set for life

Glenn Beck

“Do the people in Washington even care about you?” Glenn Beck asked Americans on Tuesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

More than six months into President Donald Trump’s term, Republicans have still failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which has caused health care premiums to skyrocket and imposed burdensome regulations on American businesses.

GOP lawmakers are teaching the next generation that lying, cheating and stealing are excusable to get elected, Glenn asserted. The party used Obamacare as a talking point during the 2016 election, with Trump and down-ballot Republicans alike promising to repeal the ACA as soon as possible.

“You lie to get re-elected, you fleece the American people, and you’re set for life,” Glenn protested.

The Senate is expected to vote Tuesday on a motion to move forward on a health care bill that passed in the House. Even if the motion passes, Republicans don’t know if they have enough votes to pass the bill, which has been supported by moderates but opposed by conservative senators like Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

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