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Hamilton' controversy hasn't hurt the show's bottom line

Pat and Stu

With Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere out for the Thanksgiving holiday, Doc Thompson, Brad Staggs, and Kari Malinak share their thoughts on the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton" and the cast's attempt to send a political message to Vice President-elect Mike Pence as he sat in the audience.

"Thespians are uh...emotional," Doc states diplomatically. "So you know somebody was out there going, 'The Vice President-elect is out there. Mike Pence is out there. That evil bastard who wants to kill homo-type-sexuals is out there.' I mean, you know they were melting down backstage."

When Brad reveals that 'Hamilton' tickets are now reselling for a minimum of $900, Doc and the gang are flabbergasted. Doc has a clever solution: "I'll wait 15 years until it comes to the local junior high school and go for $4."

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