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Here's how many Peeps Jeffy ate


How many Peeps can Jeffy eat? The answer is here. Last week, Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere turned Jeffy Fisher loose on dozens of Peeps and discovered his Peep capacity. On Monday’s episode of “Pat & Stu,” they revealed the final count: Jeffy can eat 71 Peeps.

“Most people on Twitter did think that we had killed you,” Stu said, reminding the audience that the deal had been for Jeffy to eat as many Peeps as he wanted. “We didn’t even say ‘eat more than you want;’ we said ‘eat until you’re comfortable.’”

Stu quipped about the gap between ideology and practice when people thought Jeffy had been forced into his Peeps binge.

“All these conservatives with their personal responsibility were upset that we ‘made’ you eat 71 Peeps on the show.”

Pat said his family was very interested in the final Peep count, too. “Every person at my house asked me, ‘So how many did Jeffy end up eating?’”

Another important question was whether or not Jeffy was able to eat again that day. What will help your stomach after eating 71 Peeps? According to Jeffy, ice cream and cheese.

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