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Hollywood ignored Obama's freedom of the press restrictions


Dana Loesch wades into the Meryl Streep controversy to defend the average Americans Streep scoffed at and mourn the death of decency at awards shows.

"What ever happened to just accepting your award and not sharing your tediously pedestrian views on politics and trashing a politician's supporters like some elitist, out-of-touch snob would do?" Dana asks.

She goes on to question why Hollywood elites are suddenly so concerned about freedom of the press, considering Obama's track record on that issue is less than stellar. She specifically cites a report slamming the current administration's press freedom policies from the Committee to Protect Journalists, an organization Streep singled out for praise in her Golden Globes speech.

"I love, by the way, how the past eight years none of these people — none of the people in that room, Meryl Streep included — none of them cared about the Obama Administration persecuting journalists," Dana says. "Journalists like James Rosen. Reporters at the Associated Press and many others. None of them objected when Eric Holder literally got into the face of and shook his finger at Daily Caller reporter Eric Monroe, who was just trying to ask some questions about...Operation Fast and Furious."

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