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If you follow TSA rules when taking your gun to NYC you still face jail, fines, and felony charges

Dana Loesch

Law-abiding licensed gun owners whose only mistake was to closely follow airline and Transportation Security Administration rules when visiting New York City are being arrested, jailed, and face felony charges that mandate a minimum of 3½ years in prison, according to John Stossel, host of "Stossel" on the Fox Business Network.

Stossel joined Dana Loesch on “Dana,” to discuss what he calls New York’s “sadistic bully[ing]” of law abiding citizens “who innocently travel with a gun.”

“Is it a fair system when it costs them $15,000-$17,000 and they spend a day in jail?” Stossel asked in an interview with Assistant District Attorney Jack Ryan who handles New York airport gun charges.

"We are not going to apologize for enforcing our gun laws," answered Ryan. “We do enforce them fairly and humanely and as compassionately as we can.”

“Law abiding Americans who go to the airport, who declare [their firearm], they do everything right, but yet even if they have so much as an empty piece of plastic on their person, [they face] felony charges … court fees and a day in jail,” said Dana to Stossel.

“I just think they are anti-gun, that’s the mentally in New York City,” Stossel said. “And they mindlessly follow rules, which are horrible for everybody.”

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