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Irishman describes what makes America exceptional and his disheartening journey to legal citizenship


Jonathon Dunne of "Freedom’s Disciple" joined “Pat Gray Unleashed” to discuss his love for the United States. Dunne was born in Ireland but “fell in the love with the idea of America.”

Dunne shared his disheartening path to legal citizenship with Pat this morning and why he believes America is exceptional. He unabashedly champions American ideals but was denied American citizenship by an immigration lawyer who claimed his education and work experience didn't make him fit to apply.

While he waits in line for a legal path to citizenship, Dunne travels around the U.S. sharing his admiration for American ideals after he witnessed socialism ravage his home country.

Dunne discussed fundraisers like GoFundMe campaigns that raise money for those abroad seeking high-quality health care only available in the in the U.S.

“And even just the logic of it. The one thing I get frustrated with is when people overseas are promoting Obamacare or a type of Obamacare,” asserted Dunne.

"America needs to stay who it is because we go over there [for health care]. Like, everyone says it sucks ... have you ever heard of the story about the fundraiser of the Americans go to Ireland to get health care? Have you seen the GoFundMe pages for them? Or even Great Briain?" said Dunne jokingly.

"No," said Pat.

“Everybody knows we have the best health care but they can't admit that,” said Pat. "I mean certainly the Democrats can't admit that because they wouldn't get their agenda passed."

Pat also discussed why a strong patriot like Dunne can't become an American citizen while illegal immigrants and Democrats like Nancy Pelosi advocate for illegal aliens instead of those who abide by immigration laws.

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