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Judge prevents state from using its expiring supply of lethal injection drugs on inmates

Dana Loesch

Multiple death row inmates received an eleventh hour reprieve when a federal judge blocked Arkansas’ unprecedented plan to execute each of them by the end of the month. Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson scheduled the executions to take place before the state's supply of midazolam expires in two weeks.

The multiple reprieves followed when attorneys for Bruce Earl Ward petitioned the state to present evidence that Ward is incompetent. This opened up the flood gate for the rest to appeal based on a separate complaint filed by the lethal injection supplier.

Judge Kristine Baker has blocked the executions, claiming the tight timetable could be unconstitutional. The state attorney general has vowed to appeal the decision. Today on "Dana," Dana Loesch had some words for those defending the inmates on death row.

One notable defender is actor Johnny Depp. After listing and describing the various crimes the reprieved inmates committed, including serial rape and murder, Dana asked if Depp might like to have these people over to his home for dinner. She also asked celebrities who frequently complain of rape culture: "Don't you think that defending rapists contributes to rape culture?"

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