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'Crimes against humanity': Liberal journalist SOUNDS OFF on Fauci, CDC, Biden admin for 'serious failings' in COVID response


'I'm angry. I'm not gonna lie!'

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Journalist and radio host Kim Iversen — the self-described liberal who recently went out on a limb to say the so-called right-wing conspiracy theory known as "The Great Reset" is both very real and very concerning — sounded off about the government's COVID-19 response two years into the pandemic.

"I'm angry. I'm not gonna lie. I'm really, really angry right now, so I'm just gonna do a little rant to get this off my chest," began Iversen on The Hill's "Rising."

Noting that the Omicron COVID variant is indiscriminately spreading "like wildfire," infecting as many as 800,000 people per day regardless of vaccination status, Iversen called out the "serious, serious failings by our public health officials, the CDC, Fauci, our politicians, and the mainstream media," which she have risen to the "level of crimes against humanity."

"The scientists and health experts, the people responsible for guiding us safely and scientifically through this pandemic, have been hyper-focused on vaccines," Iversen continued. "Throughout this entire time, which is now at two years in, they've never focused on, and often ... even shut down discussion surrounding the well-known scientific principle of natural immunity. They shut down and even demonized any discussion of potential early treatments. And they failed to give us good instructions on what to do when our loved ones or we ourselves catch COVID.

"They flat out refused to focus on any of this. They instead swore if we all got the vaccine, the pandemic would end. Well, it didn't end. Everyone is catching COVID. People who got double vaxxed, and triple vaxxed, and wore double masks, and kept their kids out of school, and gave up Christmas with family, and even worse, gave up being with their loved ones by their side as they breathed their last breaths because they weren't allowed to be next to them, are catching COVID," she added.

Iversen went on to blast those in power for failing to provide, and in many cases intentionally suppressing, information about natural immunity that would help people know whether or not those who have recovered from COVID can safely care for loved ones who are now ill. Instead, they have frightened people and demonized honest attempts to discuss or research many methods of early treatments that could give people with COVID a fighting chance.

"Treatment[s] that seemed to work [have] been suppressed in the vaccine-or-bust movement. Yet here we are, people are fully vaccinated, even boosted, are sick in bed, scared, and the best weapon our public health officials have given them against COVID is what? Nyquil?" she said.

"Millions of people are getting sick right now with no real idea of what to do except get your free tests from Biden and hope they come back negative. This lack of basic research and information on who is safest in our families to care for others, what treatment to give them when they're sick, and how to care for them to give them the best fighting chance, is in my book a crime. These are health officials, they're scientists, they're doctors, they shouldn't be telling us to just hunker down and hope we never catch it. We need more information. They haven't given it to us and, worse, they've demonized any discussion of it."

Disclaimer: The content of this clip does not provide medical advice. Please seek the advice of local health officials for any COVID-19 and/or COVID vaccine related questions & concerns.

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