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Marxism is being force-fed to our kids': Glenn on left-wing 'indoctrination' in US colleges


A recent study found that only one out of 50 sociology professors self-identifies as conservative, and 83 percent said they held either "liberal" or "radical" beliefs. The study focused primarily on professors of sociology because, as its authors wrote, "The field of sociology has long been subject to critique for alleged ideological bias and left-wing groupthink linked to its social justice mission."

But the "left-wing groupthink" isn't limited to the field of sociology professors. Research conducted by the National Association of Scholars (NAS) showed that nearly 40 percent of colleges didn't have even a single faculty member who identified as Republican, in any field. About 80 percent of colleges reported that the number of Republicans in their faculty was "so small as to be statistically insignificant."

The study also compared the number of Democratic faculty members versus Republican faculty members across 25 academic fields and found that there were zero registered Republicans in the field of communications, which includes journalism.

On Monday's show, Glenn reacted to the overwhelming evidence that liberal 'indoctrination' in American universities -- particularly in the fields of sociology and communications -- is no myth.

He added that university sociologists professors are basing their lessons on the ideas of Karl Marx, "the founder of sociology."

"No one in history has shaped modern-day sociologists more than Karl Marx," said Glenn. "Now, remember that students today taking sociology classes in universities are getting their information from a field that was started by Karl Marx and is dominated by radical leftists," he added.

"Marxism is being force-fed to our kids under the guise of sociology and study," continued Glenn. "And quite honestly, when Barack Obama got into office, it went into turbo.  The strategy is actually quite brilliant. If you can't convince people that socialism is the way to go via the facts -- and you can't, socialism doesn't work, never has worked[...] -- then you have to construct a world where capitalism is the bad guy, and concentrate on the social rifts and identity politics which ultimately end with class warfare."

Glenn noted that the divisive strategy has been successful in completely changing the way America's younger generations look at capitalism and socialism, highlighting a recent Gallup poll that shows the number of 18 to 29-year-old Americans that favor socialism outnumbering those that favor capitalism.

Watch more in the the video clip above.

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