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Matt Walsh warns of a 'long and arduous' culture war for conservatives


Wednesday morning on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," Matt Walsh phoned in to update Glenn on conservatives' fight to regain control of American culture from the left. His outlook was less than rosy:

"I think we have a long and arduous road ahead of us. And I think that if we have any hope of reclaiming the culture, whatever that means at this point — because it is lost to us right now, let's be honest, it's completely lost — but if we have any hope of reclaiming it, it is going to take generations. And our children, you know, and our grandchildren are going to be the ones to, you know, carry the weight of that."

Matt expressed his concern that conservatives will begin to relax in the ongoing culture war in the aftermath of President Donald Trump's electoral victory, thinking their societal triumph is a certainty. He also predicted Trump would not serve his entire four-year term in office and that Democrats would seize back control of Congress following the 2018 midterms.

Asked to name an institution he still believes in, Matt responded simply, "None."

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