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Mom: Here's how Mercury One internships changed my sons' lives

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck talked with a mom who wanted to share how the Mercury One internship program had changed her kids’ lives on Monday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

The internship meant a lot to her two sons and gave them a new perspective on connecting with people who have different views and beliefs, Susan Culver asserted.

“The excitement, every single night they called me and they told me something different,” she said, describing their time in the program.

One of her sons is especially focusing on reaching millennials and finding the best ways to talk to fellow millennials whether or not they agree.

“You connected the dots for him,” Culver told Glenn.

She has since realized that preaching to the choir isn’t a good way to connect with people who disagree with you if you want them to be curious, open-minded and not simply defensive.

“When you reach someone who doesn’t see it your way, you have to have different words,” she said.

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