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MSM's amnesia on Obama's racism: 'There was plenty of evidence of Barack Obama's racism, too


Maybe the mainstream media's amnesia of former President Barack Obama's racism has been thoroughly buried in the pile of rubbage left by his administration, but Pat isn't letting those who ignored it all these years off so easily.

In light of President Donald Trump's "s******* countries" remark regarding African countries and Haiti, Pat reminded us of a moment Glenn Beck had several years ago where he called out Barack Obama for his blatant racism. Glenn argued Obama had "deep-seeded hate for white people" and laid out the case for why he believed this to be true at the time, and the mainstream media eviscerated Glenn for saying it.

"So, of course, that made Glenn racist," said Pat on Friday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed."

"At that time -- somehow, with Obama -- the accusers of racism actually were the racists. So, should everyone be calling Trump a racist?" These are Barack Obama facts.

Watch Pat break it down for us above. 

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