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Pat Gray rips Vox article calling the American Revolution a 'monumental mistake


Typically, Americans around the country who celebrate the Fourth of July holiday do so with a unique and renewed appreciation for our great nation and what brave men and women achieved as they took on the seemingly impossible task of breaking away from the chains of tyranny.

But if you're a self-hating liberal with nothing but disdain for our great nation and the accomplishments of our Founding Fathers then your Fourth of July holiday is quite the opposite and well, it's probably downright sad. You see, publications like Vox can run false and misleading opinion pieces in an attempt to delegitimize what our Founders accomplished, but the truth is that the lemmings have been grossly misled.

They can say the Native Americans would have been better off without the American Revolution or that African slaves would have had a better go of it under the British monarchy, but that's just not true.

And Pat tells us why in this scathing monologue to all the liberals who loathe America so much on the Fourth of July.

* We purposely did not provide the link to Vox's article nor list the title.

See the video above. 

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