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People on the streets of New York mistake 'Communist Manifesto' for Democratic Party platform

Pat Gray Unleashed

The 1848 "Communist Manifesto," written by German philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, is sounding an awful lot like someone you know as of late. Could it be the Democrats?

Ding, ding, ding

In a funny, but not-so-funny PragerU video, several passersby on the streets of New York city were asked whether or not a statement read by PragerU Host Ami Horowitz stemmed from the "Communist Manifesto" or the Democratic Party's platform.

Sadly, some struggled miserably to decipher which party platform each statement came from.

"1. We will push for a societal transformation," stated the host.  "'Communist Manifesto,'" the young NYU student replied incorrectly.

"2. We have established new classes, new conditions of oppressions, new forms of struggles that replace the old ones," stated Horowitz to another unlucky passerby. "Democratic Party platform," said the young man. Wrong again.

Watch the video below.

Ami Presents: Communist Manifesto or Democratic Party Platform?

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