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Piers Morgan grills anti-Trump communist over her hypocrisy regarding immigration in testy debate


We weren't expecting this from Piers Morgan...

In a fiery exchange between Morgan and self-proclaimed anti-Trump communist Ash Sharkar, Morgan shocked conservatives by declaring what we've all be thinking about the children separated at the border from their parents.

And that is that Obama did the same exactly the same but the media completely ignored it.

In this satisfying segment, Morgan grilled Sharkar over whether or not she took issue with Barack Obama's immigration policy the same way she's taking issue with Trump's. This is particularly surprising to conservatives given that Morgan wasn't exactly critical of Obama during his presidency.

Sharkar said she was planning on protesting Trump's visit with British Prime Minister Theresa May over his "unconscionable" immigration policies regarding separating immigrant children at the U.S border, however, Morgan reminded her of a key fact she either omitted or totally disregarded. That fact is that Obama deported 3 million people and no one in the media, except for Glenn Beck, paid any attention to it.

“I’ll be marching in Westminster tomorrow, alongside thousands of other people who found the policy of border separations unconscionable, who think that the sight of our elected prime minister holding Donald Trump’s hand is an utter embarrassment,” Sarkar said.

“Did you find [President Barack] Obama deporting 3 million people unconscionable?” quipped Morgan.

See the exchange below and catch Pat's reaction to it in the clip above. 

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