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Retired Army sergeant recounts his long, shocking VA nightmare


In 2008, Brian Moore began living a Veterans Administration nightmare. The now-retired U.S. Army sergeant and Purple Heart recipient shared his shocking story with the world during a recent interview with TheBlaze's Tomi Lahren.

"In my third tour to Iraq and Afghanistan, I was wounded in an explosion, and in my three tours, I'd been banged around quite a bit, so when I came back I started going through the VA," Moore said.

"I've seen five different doctors in at least three years. Which means every six months, for the last five visits, I've had a different doctor every time. So I'm reintroducing myself to a different doctor who's usually just passing through," Moore told Lahren, adding, "The system is overwhelmed."

Moore, who was once a VA employee, said the problem isn't a lack of "good people" at the VA. The problem is that the good people are mired in a swamp of a federal bureaucracy that makes progress very slow and difficult.

Moore said that his health slowly deteriorated to the point that he eventually went to a private doctor, where Moore discovered the true extent of the damage in his wounded shoulder. Private physicians found that Moore had multiple bone spurs, which doctors told him could be removed. The vet said that every time he informed the VA doctors of his pain, he was simply prescribed more medication instead of being treated for the cause.

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