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Streaming revenue has surpassed CD sales; will CDs hang on or disappear?


Glenn and the guys admitted they almost never use CDs anymore Monday on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program." Thanks to the ubiquity of streaming services and smartphones that can hold thousands of songs, physical music storage media are declining in popularity. In fact, two years ago the revenue from streamed music surpassed that of CD sales for the first time, and the gap has been widening ever since.

While their technological solutions for listening to music on their phones vary from Bluetooth the auxiliary cables, the guys confessed to not having purchased a CD in several years.

"They say gold and platinum records are a thing of the past," Pat said, going on to add that downloads make up 51% of all music sales.

Stu predicted CDs will continue to sell in large numbers for a while yet, citing the example of DVDs:

"This is the same thing that happened with DVDs. People were like, 'It's a dead industry. It's a dead industry.' And it's like, 'Well, actually they're still selling billions and billions of dollars off them.'"

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