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Ted Cruz and Alyssa Milano livestreamed their 'civil discussion' about guns

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) sat down with actress Alyssa Milano and livestreamed their "civil discussion" about guns on Tuesday.

In this clip, Milano quoted former President Ronald Reagan, who once said that citizens do not require machine guns to defend their homes. Cruz used this opportunity to clarify Reagan's quote.

"One of the problems of this debate is that they don't necessarily understand the terminology. So a machine gun has been functionally illegal for 80 years. You and I and ordinary citizens can't purchase a machine gun," Cruz said.

"Now a machine gun, the kind Reagan is talking about there, as you know you hold the trigger down and multiple bullets come out," Cruz continued. "That is different from what is called a semi-automatic weapon which is you pull the trigger once, and one round comes out. You pull it a second time and a second bullet comes out, so it takes a separate trigger pull each time.

"When the media covers it, I think a lot of people hear the word assault rifle, and they think it is a machine gun," Cruz concluded.

Cruz went on to say the flip-side of the gun debate is that firearms are used to stop crime.

Watch the video below for more.

Ted Cruz Has to Explain to Alyssa Milano the Difference between a Machine Gun and an AR-15

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