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The nuclear option has been hit and the final vote for Gorsuch is on the way

Dana Loesch

All 52 Republicans voted to use the so called "nuclear option" today, which makes it easier for supreme court nominees to be confirmed. All 48 Democrats voted against. Afterwards, three Democrats voted with the GOP to advance Judge Neil Gorsuch for a final up or down vote. He is expected to be confirmed to the court tomorrow. Democrats voiced opposition late into the night saying Gorsuch's decisions favor big corporations over people who couldn't fight back.

A panel of TheBlaze writers and hosts joined Dana Loesh to discuss this turn of events with the Republicans using the "nuclear option." Dana started off the conversation by pointing out that the rules were changed in 2013 that allowed for the nuclear option to even be viable.

"It's okay if we do it, but not you," Brandon Morse noted, pointing out the hypocrisy demonstrated by Democrats who will employ the same rule change but then cry foul when turned against them.

Allie Stuckey acknowledged that there will be some of this bickering back and forth as a matter of course in political game-playing, but what she thought was more disturbing was the elevated rhetoric of "condemning" for routine political votes.

"Here's the deal. We don't have to explain ourselves. Elections have consequences. You guys lost. You got shellacked, and as a result we get to choose our nominee," Lawrence Jones concluded.

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